Travelling with your bike

This is a really useful tip for flying with your bike, and indeed packing it in a car:

Put the chain on the big chainring! This works to blunt the chainring and makes sure that it doesn’t gently saw it’s way through the car seat, or inside of your flight case. It’s a good principle to do the same thing when you are changing pedals on your bike- if you slip and smash your knuckles on the chain you will smart a bit, but the damage will be a whole order of magnitude worse if you slip and punch the naked big chainring. Nasty.

On the topic of packing your bike for flight, do consider a hard case, and be sure to brace the forks and rear triangle with a plastic spacer (at least) and preferably an old axle or hub. Also inspect your bike carefully at the airport if you can face it- the carrier will not be very receptive to you making a claim if you later phone from your hotel/home.

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