The Bike Whisperer is mainly concerned with bike fitting.   We offer a new bike consultations, custom bike consultations and bike fitting.  We can also build you a pair of handbuilt wheels.
Our customers range from serious athletes, to those new to cycling — whatever your level of experience, we pride ourselves on providing expert and friendly advice.

    Bike Fitting

    Bike Fitting • With over 20 years experience we have successfully fitted a very broad range of cyclists More...

  • new-bike-consultation

    New Bike Consultation

    New Bike Consultation • If you aren't sure what bike to buy, or which one will fit you we can help you to avoid a mistake. Use us to take the worry and doubt out of what should be an exciting purchase. We don't sell bikes, so the advice we give you is unbiased. More...

  • wheel-building

    Wheel Building

    Wheel Building • After a phone or email discussion with you we will recommend a wheel prescription for you. This will be based on your weight, what you want the wheels for, and your budget. More...